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Thursday, November 10, 2005

One hurdle cleared

A few weeks ago, I posted a note about the process foreigners have to go through in order to undergo flight training. In short, it involves asking the Transportation Security Administration for permission to enroll in an aviation programme. The application is typically followed by a thorough background search, fingerprinting and the obligatory fee.
Well, the good people at TSA last night sent me the email I'd been waiting for for weeks and have decided to allow me to pursue my dream.
It's a small development on the surface, but an important one for me since everything from enrollment to financing was tied to it.
Incidentally, the permission to begin training came at a low point in my increasingly painful days at work. A nice upper, for sure. My departure from this hellish office will not come a day too soon.
I will enroll for ATP tomorrow... can't wait.


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