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Sunday, November 13, 2005


Two days after the most depressing day at work in my five and half years at the Evil Company, I am finally enrolled at ATP for the 90-day career program! What an oscillation of feelings! I came very close to quitting on Thursday when my morale dipped to an all-time low at work but found myself nothing short of elated the very next morning after having finalized my career change plans.
So January 30 is D-Day, 0800, Manassas, VA.
Between now and then I'll be kept very busy because I'm planning on taking all the writtens so that I can spend time on flows and procedures and hopefully make time to see my wonderful and very supportive wife. Being away will by far be the hardest part of the program for me, much more so than the hectic schedule I'll be keeping.
All my checkrides have already been scheduled and it seems April will be a long, long month, during which I'll earn my commercial ME/SE, CFI, CFII and MEI.
I'll also be taking my multi-engine private one week after starting.
In addition to studying for the writtens, I'll start reading the Seminole POH next week, as I'll be required to know it inside out by the time I arrive at ATP in January.
It's almost a weird feeling to stand of the edge of realizing a dream cherished since childhood. I remember watching airlines fly over my house as a kid and wondering where they left from and where they are headed (still do), or boarding a flight and being transfixed by the exciting sight of the instruments and the flurry of activity in the cockpit as the crew prepares for another leg (still do too!).
Well, perhaps a year or more from now, I'll be in that right seat learning a new trade and I'm excited and nervous all at once.
There's a lot of hard work ahead, but I think I'm ready for it.


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