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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Me, the Man Child

I've always been quite disorganized so the way this week has shaped up has come with little surprise. Once more, I've tried to pack in five days more than they can actually handle and am having one of those weeks...

Monday: after a glorious morning spent shovelling heavy snow, have an interesting drive in pretty slippery roads to very rural Massachusetts, where I was told I'd find a friendly and more importantly cheap AME. After some maneuvering around snow-packed country roads, I find the mysterious man and, as promised, he turns out to be both. Respectable 73-year old doctor with a true passion for aviation and an outgoing demeanor.
Form and pee cup filled, so off to his office I go. He shakes my hand and proceeds to tell me that he is about to divorce this crazed woman with a violent penchant -- his third wife and Episcopalian priest -- who proclaims she hates him. Fair enough. The story goes on and is punctuated here and there with the actual examination. Half-an-hour later, as we head over to the eye test machine, he explains to me that he doesn't much care for substantial women but that his second wife has apparently lost quite a bit of weight and has been inquiring about him lately. This goes on for while, followed by his admission to being an anarchist and a rather lenghty discussion about how he considers himself a resident alien of the United States since, he says, the Constitution says the Federal Government has no jurisdiction over individual states. Right. Finally, after about an hour he hands me my First Class.
All in all, a very good experience and he is a brilliant guy but all this could've been done in 10 minutes.
On the way home, I of course manage to get lost and go 10 miles in the wrong direction, wasting more valuable time slotted to study for my Commercial written.

Tuesday: I actually get some studying in, but pay little attention to laundry, packing and general planning for Saturday's departure (and 8-hour drive to Manassas). Hey, I've got another couple of days, right? Like that's never cost me before. Dinner with Jen and my stepdaughter Emily at a nice Italian restaurant. Substantial amounts of food and a much too tasty San Giovese mean little work done in the evening. Get drowsy.

Wednesday: Rush to the Irish Consulate to pick up my new passport then race 30 miles away to one of two dentist appointments this week. Debilitating experience, spend much of the afternoon recovering. Study for a little bit. Realize I've just run out of checks. Good timing! Waste valuable time writing this...

Second dentist appointment is tomorrow, Thursday, followed by studying and dinner with Jen's family.

Friday: commercial written in the morning, followed by coffee and a flight with fellow blogger Scottie (Yellowbird) then a mad dash home to pack (Jesus, almost forgot about that!) before drinks with my bro in law and then on to a farewell dinner with friends. Should be an interesting day.

I really have got to grow up...


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