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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Day 0

After a busy week and a 9.5 hours drive, here I am in Virginia, a short night's sleep away from beginning training.
It's been a long week and a long few months spent planning this career change and studying. Now the journey is about to begin. In typical aviation style, tomorrow will begin with a stack of paperwork after which my instructor and I will start multi-engine training in preparation for the checkride tentatively scheduled for Feb. 7.
Before I pack it in for the night, I'll go over the Seminole's POH again and run through the school's flows and emergency procedures, which I'm expected to be more than familiar with.
Excitement is a weak word to describe how I feel. Ahead of me lay hours spent in that beautiful sky, a lot of learning and most likely good friendships. Already, I've met my roomate, a very nice young guy about to take his double I and commercial single add-on and one of the school's instructors, who also appears to be a first-class sorta fellow.
I'd be lying, though, if I didn't admit to feeling sad. Two hours ago, I dropped Jen off at BWI where she boarded a flight home and I miss her terribly already. She's been there every minute of my dreaming this new life, planning it and has shown nothing but excitement, enthusiasm and most importantly patience and support. Few women, I'm sure, would put up with as much aviation babble as I'm capable of spewing out, so she truly is one of a kind and I am a very lucky man (OK, man child.)
Not having her by my side for the next few months will be, without a doubt, the hardest part of my training.

* * *

The day before setting off for Virginia, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Scott and hitched a ride in Yellowbird, a beautiful 1974 Cessna Cardinal. The short flight was a true pleasure as the day cleared up perfectly and offered mostly smooth air and unlimited visibility. The company, of course was outstanding. Unfortunately while taxiing out to depart on his way home Scottie suffered a nose gear puncture. To make things worse, the wheelpant was cracked during the tire change. I hope Yellowbird feels her old self again very soon.
Again, thanks for a fantastic flight, Scottie.


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